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I really like this

I’m such a sucker for Target. 

This ad cracks me up. I can see my aunt Terie singing this to her classroom 

University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications alum, Ann Curry, leaves the Today Show today after 15 years. Curry always gave me a sense of pride to watch, an Oregon girl on national news. I will miss seeing her in the mornings. Good luck Ann.

27) She’s a Duck

Today is an especially important day in history and, for me at least, a very emotional day.

When I was young I would watch the Today show with my mom before school. I would eat my cereal and watch as a woman told the most important news stories of the day. This was the first journalism I understood, the first reporting I was interested in. I liked to watch the woman on TV because every time the camera would turn on to her my mom would tell me “See her? That’s Ann Curry, she’s from Ashland. She’s a Duck.”

"She’s a Duck"

I remember being so excited. I was so excited to see that an Oregon girl was on my TV every morning, not only that but she was on my TV next to FAMOUS people every morning! Up until this point I had never learned of any famous Oregonians, let alone famous Oregon women, and this idea of an important national newscaster living in my town, going to school blocks away from my house, was earth shattering. 

Ann Curry was an inspiration to me while I grew up. Honestly, she still is today. While I may not have wanted to be a news anchor, I wanted to be important- I want to be important. I want to be known as someone who is grateful, giving, strong, independent and important- Just like Ann. 

I am saddened to hear that Ann has become a casualty of a ratings war but I am grateful for the influence she has had on my life. 

So from the duckling that began watching you in 1997, 

Thanks Ann, and Go Ducks

©Nicole Golf 2012

A photo I took for my J365 class. 

26) Holy Cow

What a week! 

This last week was dead week and for the first time in my college career I thought I might die. 

But praise Jesus, I made it!

I’d like to thank my mother…image

… for driving me around/buying me coffee/letting me vent.

And I’d like to thank Aaron…image

…for celebrating Pie Day with me (Wild Plum!)

And everyone who ignored my tear-stained face when I’d had enough.

One final between me and spring break!



yee yee!!

25) Gramma Look! I Have A Website!

The moment I have stressed over for weeks is finally here….

And yes, I’m most excited to show my grandma.

24) Holy Crap I’m a Senior

I went to register for classes the other day a noticed thisimage

Holy Crap.

I started experiencing “thought vomit”

-Ohmygod now I have to start thinking seriously about “steering the ship”

-Is it too late for internships?

-I haven’t done anything with my college life!

-What am I doing now?!

It was then that I took a breath and decided to start looking at agencies.

I looked at Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener, 72andSunny, Wexley School for Girls, and Wieden + Kennedy.

But nothing felt right. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s the thought vomit working its way back into my head again- or maybe I’m not looking hard enough (notice I’m a little west coast-best coast biased). Either way I’m still looking. 

I wasn’t really content with my ongoing search until a guest lecture from Tracy Wong of WDCW. What I took away from his presentation was we’re all in this together. Account people, art directors, copywriters, it doesn’t matter-we’re all doing the same shit. 

We all just want to work hard and be creative. We want to find solutions to problems that haven’t even been invented yet. We want to challenge our egos and make good shit.

And that’s what I want to do.

So why was I freaking out about not fitting in? 


23) A Type Infographic

Something I found while looking for inspiration on Pinterest. 


Source: via Daphne on Pinterest

Interesting because in my Gateway class we have spent an excruciating amount of time looking at the meaning of different typefaces. Also interesting given my post from awhile back regarding my mother’s use of type. 

I don’t know how I feel about type anymore- I used to be so sure (down with Helvetica!)- but now I just want to stay simple.

My current font of choice?


Plain and simple.

22) A HA!

I knew it!

Commercials do use frequencies that only dogs can hear!

For quite some time I have wondered why my dog Georgia is so enthralled with dogs on TV. She will come from another room to watch whatever dog food commercial is on and loves it when dogs are featured on TV shows (think Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl). I always had a sneaking suspicion that she could hear something I couldn’t, and now I know I was right! (Success!)

But seriously how genius is that? 

Thought Process:

Dog People will do anything for their pets- the dogs are like children to some people

Dogs hear a sound and take notice of the dog food commercial

Owner notices and think dog must really want that particular dog food

Owner is at store amidst a THOUSAND different dog food brands at a loss for what to buy… but wait! The dog really liked that commercial! “I’ll just buy what the dog wants.”

G  . E . N . I . U . S .